Tracking the reading..

Books.. I can't get enough! I think this year is going to be one huge read-a-long. I absolutely love to read, but this year, I am plowing through books as though they are going out of style. So far, I have read 25, and I am working on four more. Now, if I could add them all here - I would! Not all of the books are listed yet, and I am not sure that I am completely comfortable adding the information into the system. I still use Goodreads to track my reading, (although some of the books are not listed there either), so on top of the two sites, I also have a book book. I write each book, with the author and number of pages. I can track by month, and of course, by year. I break down the pages read by month, and then add them up for a total number at the end of the year. I love technology, but I still love the paper and pen method. 


Many of the books I am reading right now are advanced copies, but there are some that I am reading for pure pleasure. That is the best part of reading - the joy that you get out of reading something, and then you can't stop thinking about it.


I learned something new recently. I was having a hard time with audio books, and a librarian told me that you have to listen to the audio at the same time that you read. I had no clue! OH MY GOODNESS! What a difference it made! I am whipping through the audio books while working, and then sitting down with an actual book at night. There is nothing better than unwinding with one of your favorite characters or falling in love with a new character.


I am working on a new ARC on myths and legends from the Aztec and Inca, and other Mexican backgrounds. It is very interesting so far, and I am enjoying learning about the myths and legends from another culture. As a historian, I know many of the facts about the countries around the world, but many do not really teach the stories from these cultures in the classes. To say that I have continued learning, even broadened my scope of learning after college has been eye opening. There are so many thing that I enjoy, and have been able to dive in depth to the subject areas that I want to. Unfortunately, I am sure that my students do not share my love of peeling back the layers. Poor things, college is hard enough without your professor throwing new and random facts at you. :) 


I enjoy sharing these random and fun posts with you! Thank you for reading my ramblings, and of course, sharing in the love of books!