You Need a Budget - Review

Did you ever stop to think what your money can do for you? Jesse Mecham has come out with his book "You Need A Budget" and helps to lay out a working system for budgeting your money. This book is an eye opener for anyone who feels as though they are living paycheck to paycheck.

Whether you are just starting out or are established already in your job - putting a budget together is not a bad idea. The economy goes up and down, jobs end abruptly, and life takes turns that we are not always prepared for. Living paycheck to paycheck can be exhausting and stressful. It can cause fights, and bitter feelings - especially when you want to do something special, but the money is not there. Now, you can budget for everything! Jesse takes you through step by step on building a better budget, but this is not your run of the mill plan. YOU make the decisions on where the money goes. You are in control of everything. What is important to you? Where do you want your money to go?
Asking yourself these questions, and putting the effort into building a life that you want, while getting out of the rat race of the paycheck to paycheck system, you can start seeing results and building the nest egg, or planning for those special events or vacations that you are wanting to take.
The biggest theme through this book is YOU.

Budgeting is such a hard thing to do, but necessary in this day and age. There are many who get hit with government shut down, lay-offs, health issues and more. Budgeting now can help to ease the burden when it comes to having to cut back, or wait. This has never been my strong point. In fact, my husband and I have been discussing the need to budget out more, especially as we are attempting to tame the dragon known as student loans. I have quite a few, and we have slowly been chipping away at them, but having a better plan in place, would allow us to not only chunk down a little more on them, but plan for the things that we are wanting in the future. We have to start thinking college funds for two kids, eventual moves, car issues and more. While we can put a little away here and there, it seems that something always pops up to demolish what we have set aside. By using this system, I feel more confident in moving forward and building a stronger future.


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