Overwhelmed and books to boot!

Have you ever had so many books on your to-read shelf that you do not know where to start? That is where I am at right now! I just started looking for the new book for a book club, and when I pulled up Goodreads.com, I realized that I had over 3000 books saved - and that is just to read! Not only that, but I also have the couple of hundred books that are in my house that I have not even touched. There are more hiding on my kindle, some on my phone, Netgalley, Scribd,and some that are in the other houses at the moment as they have been loaned out.


There are days that I think I should get rid of all the books that I have not read yet and start over, but there is so much money tied up in books. I am sure that I could sell them and probably pay off one of the student loans that I have, but then I would have to go into debt to pay them off. 


I know that this sounds like simple rambling, but there are days that books just seem simply to many. I have three rooms in my house overflowing with books, and yet I want more! Books are one of the many things that I take pleasure in, and there are times that I want to just hide in the closet and read the day away (okay, lets be honest, I have done it), and forget the normal humdrum of everyday life. There are days that we just need to forget the crazy and live in a fantasy world.


We all have our favorite types of genre's to read, but there are some that we enjoy more than others. I dive into those as often as I can, but keep finding more and more that I want to read. I think at this point, my reading list exceeds my great grandchildren's life expectancy. 


What do you enjoy reading and what are your favorites?