The Last Thing She Ever Did - Book Review

Happy New Year!! I am coming to you with my first review of the year, and oh my was it a doozy! I could not put it down, and for that I will end up suffering a book hangover for the remainder of today. Enthralling, engaging, torturous, and delightful... Get ready to be in for one thrilling read, and not be able to put it down until you are completely finished! Book hangover material has returned!


Liz has a scared past with the place of her youth. Surviving a flash flood which claimed the life of a friend, she has been careful to avoid the location for years. But returning to the house that her grandparents owned has given Liz and her husband Owen a new start. She is studying to be a lawyer and he is helping to develop a new program that will land him millions. Everything is going perfect, until Liz accidentally hits their neighbors child.

What starts out as a simple accident quickly escalates into a tangled web of deceit. While Liz does her best to console her friend, the guilt is eating away at her. Little does she know the secret that her husband is harboring, and the lies that are being spread. She can barely hold herself together, and would rather just tell the truth, but her husband keeps her at bay. Feeding her pills and wine to keep her sedate and somewhat calm, she slowly unravels even further. As her neighbor relies on her more and more, Liz is doing her best to keep everything under control, but the pain of what she has done is eating her alive. As the days tick by with no news, she begins to wonder what has happened to the little boy they so carefully smuggled out of the neighborhood.
As time goes by and Carole becomes even more unraveled, Liz knows that she cannot hang on for much longer, but the truth of what really happened to little Charlie will leave everyone in Bend Oregon scratching their heads at the truth...