Do you Netgalley?

How many of you are NetGalley junkies!? I know that I cannot be the only one on here that is addicted to that site. If you have not checked it out, get on and do so! It is fun, addicting, and the thrill of finding new books is exciting!


So I will notate my confession here....

I am addicted to NetGalley. I am hopelessly addicted to requesting books, and then freaking out when I have six that are due for reviews on the same day. I make my list and check it twice, hoping that I have not forgotten anything and ensuring that the books are listed in their proper order, so as to be read and reviewed before the archive date.


I know that for every book that you request, the chance is there that you will not be approved, so it is quite easy to go overboard on the requesting, not ever imagining that you might be approved for the majority of those requested.


Make your list, check it twice, and put the books in order that they need to be read. I currently have a massive list of "to read" and am excited to share some more book reviews with you this coming year! I have a few more to push out this year, and then its time to start fresh and new with the list of excitement.