New blogs, new looks, and some perks for you!

Alright, folks, I am going to be doing something different coming in 2018. This year really derailed for me. Life got busy, work took over, and I was swamped for most of the year. We have been homeschooling our boys, so that took a bit more time off my plate than I thought. But we are finally into a routine, and it seems to be working. I have continued my reading, and am so close to my reading goal for the year. I am right now 13 books short of hitting 100 books read this year! I am so excited to hit this goal! 


I have already set my goal for next year, and again, I am going for 100 books. But I am going to trying to more on this blog for you next year! I am going to try and do some giveaways, to boot!  Everyone loves a free book now and again. 


Of course, I will continue with the book reviews. I need to go back and add in the ones that I read this year, but I am looking forward to sharing more with you this coming year. It will be a new beginning here, in a sense, starting over. Books are such a passion for me, and I want to be able to share more with each of you as well. There are such big plans in the future, but I cannot share them all here yet!


Do you have a reading goal for next year? Share it with me, and lets push each other to new goals!