Delving into history..

Raven Queen - Pauline Francis

Lady Jane Grey has often been delegated to only a couple of lines in a history book. But her life was so much more than what was contained in those texts. As Pauline Francis delves into the life of Lady Jane, she brings her to life in a way that has not been done before.

Jane Grey is destined for great things. Her parents have been working tirelessly to ensure that she makes a good marriage, and one that will bring prestige to the family. They are looking for a royal connection. Jane on the other hand, would rather be left alone with her books and studies. No amount of beatings or berating from her parents can deter her. She has is completely wrapped up in her faith and education.
Ned is just thankful to be alive. Lady Jane saved him from a terrible fate, and has shown him nothing but kindness in return. The only sticking point in their relationship is that he is Catholic and she is of the Protestant faith. While they secretly love each other, there are insurmountable differences that they know can never be over come.
When Jane is proclaimed queen by her new father in law, shortly after the death of the King, she is shocked. She has no desire to become queen. She thought she had made that quite clear, however, her feeling are entirely put aside by those who are looking to advance themselves through her.
When the Princess Mary gathers an army to reclaim her throne, she is met by thronging people who are enthusiastic that she has come back. Jane is not a popular queen, the people did not view her as the legitimate heir of their last ruler. Mary is met with open arms, and supplies by the people who are ready to see her in their rightful place. But now the question will become, what will happen to Lady Jane, the poor girl who reigned only nine days?

This was an interesting read, but I cant pretend that I just loved it. I felt that it was a bit stretched in parts, and some of the scenes were entirely to out there for me. While this is a work of fiction based on real characters, I was just a little disappointed with it. I did however, enjoy the historical accuracy that was wound around the characters. While some scenes are entirely fiction, others really hit on the reactions and hopes of each of them. Ned is a made up character to add a dimension to the virtually unknown Lady Jane. I would recommend this for late Junior High to High School students for reading.