The sands of Egypt cannot cover all secrets..

Join Amelia and Emerson as they are off on another adventure! Things are never quiet for the Emerson family, and this digging season is proving to no different from any other. But there are quite a few surprises on their way!
As the digging season gets underway, they are upset over the location of their dig, but they will take whatever they can get. While initially disappointed, things begin to happen that make Professor Emerson believe that there is more to the site than meets the eye. As the “accidents” continue, there are even more surprises thrown into the mix.
Amelia is determined to figure it out, but the more they try, the more dangerous it becomes. Will they find the culprit behind the attacks before someone gets seriously injured?

These books are the best! These run a gambit of emotions! Laughter, sorrow, anger, and more! If you have not read any of her books, you are really missing out! Once you start, its hard to put it down and get anything else done!