The Night Sister: A Novel

The Night Sister: A Novel - Jennifer McMahon What a book! This book is destined to take you on a crazy ride!

Rose is convinced her sister is shape-shifting, a mare, as her Oma calls it. As she explains what a mare is and what they are capable of, she becomes more and more convinced that her sister Sylvie is a mare. As the story unfolds, it follows Rose's daughter Amy and her friends, Piper and Margot as they try and uncover the mystery of Sylvie's disappearance, and the strange happenings on the grounds of the motel. Piper and Margot are called back into the story line after several years have passed and Amy is accused of murdering her entire family, save one, her daughter, who managed to escape through a window in her room. But the mystery is still there, and the 29th room is still quite undisovered. Does it exist or is it a myth? The mystery only deepens and there seems to be one person who can answer the questions, but she seems very reluctant to talk to anyone.
This story makes you pay attention as it flips between the past and the present. What a story you are in store for! This book will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire way through!