Trinity - Conn Iggulden This view point of the Wars of the Roses is quite different from that than is normally set forth. Told from the viewpoint of the royalist party, it gives the Neville family the smell of traitors and paints them in a more negative light. I absolutely loved reading through this book. It was awesome to be able to try and view the battles from different sides as well as the emotions that must have played forth.

Margaret of Anjou is not a popular queen through most of England, but her husband, Henry, is the King and the people are honor bound to him. There comes a time though when the king suffers from an illness and falls into a sort of slumber, but cannot seem to be aroused for anything. Though this time, his wife gives birth to the only child that they will have, and also is determined to save the country from what she sees as a threat coming from some of the noble families. As Margaret fights to protect her home and her crown, she begins to take more authority on her own, and for a times rules through her husband. Her will is strong and she is determined that it will not be broken. But at what cost will her attempts come to!?

To break the Neville family is more than she bargained for, and Margaret is forced to look outside of England for the army that she will need to force these families back into the places that she feels they should be.