Anne of Warwick: The Last Plantagenet Queen

Anne of Warwick: The Last Plantagenet Queen - Paula Simonds Zabka The story of Anne of Warwick has always been one to fascinate me. She was born to one of the most powerful families in England, and at the age of four, met the boy who would become her husband one day. Even from the beginning, there was a noticed difference of how they behaved together, one of mutual love and friendship. When the King first refused his brother permission to marry Anne, he bid his time, until he could make her his. Anne, was forced to flee England with her family when her father sided against the King, and sought to remove him and his corrupt wife from power. He failed. But he bartered with Anne, with the infamous Margaret de Anjou, promising Anne as a wife for the young prince. After marriage, they returned to England, Edward and his mother intent upon reclaiming the crown of England at whatever the cost. In the end, the prince was slain, and Anne was once again freed, released from Margaret by none other than Richard.

After her evil brother in law hid her away where Richard couldn't find her, she never lost hope that he would eventually come after her. Richard was once again her savior, and released from her prison, they married, and shared one of the greatest love stories England had. The love between Richard and Anne was more than just land and coveted wealth. It was a friendship forged over time, each one living seemingly only for the other. Their lives were not full of happiness though. Their only son died at the age of 11, and Richard's reign was marked in suspicion, some felt as though he had something to do with the two young princes disappearing from the tower. (I don't believe that he had anything to do with this, I have come to a different conclusion, but this is not the place to state it). When Anne died of consumption, England's sun was hidden by an eclipse. Many saw this as a bad omen, one that meant the king himself was doomed, and their lovely queen was gone.

Anne of Warwick definitely led and interesting life, and as I read the book, already knowing the outcomes for both Anne and Richard, their story never gets old. Their lifelong love for each other, and the steadfastness that they held, both loyal and sincere in all they did. its a pity that such a couple should have met such an end. I would definitely recommend this book, as its once that I would read again.