Dandelion Moon

Dandelion Moon - Hannah Alexander Myra Maxwell is discovered sobbing in a cemetery by her best friend and mother. She does not recognize either one of them, as she has entered into a fugue state. Joy and Zach are determined to help their friend, but she resists them. Only Weston Cline seems to be able to get through to her. While Weston helps Myra to start regaining some of her memories, Joy and Zach struggle to forgive Weston for the wrongs he did to them the year before. As Myra gains more and more of her memories, she feels something coming that she cannot stop, but is it the reason she lost her memory?

Join the adventure and dive into this book. Hannah Alexander does not disappoint with the second book in this series. She brings to life the characters and you feel the struggle as they walk through disappointments, anger, bitterness and forgiveness.