Princess Nest of Wales

Princess Nest of Wales - Kari Maund When you read the title, you think, "awesome, a book about a medieval woman! Maybe I can learn something new!" Instead, there is hardly anything known about Nest, what her life was like and what she herself was like. Instead, we see her from the lives of the men around her, which, while they are interesting, is not why I picked the book. I chose the book because of two reasons. 1) It is set in Wales, and they have such obscure history and fascinating history as well. 2) Royalty in Wales is not widely written about. But this dealt more with English history than Welsh history.

She was not a seductress, she was a woman who made the best of her situation. She was not a political force in and of herself. She had no power. She had nothing. Nest was completely dependent upon the men around her, and at their mercy. While she was a person, a living part of history, she is unknown. There was not as much

Sadly, there could be one book about almost all medieval women, and it would not take up more than 350 pages. We know basically nothing about most of the women, although there are obscure references throughout the annals of history, it is not what we are actually looking for.

I was disappointed with this book, but under the circumstances, I think it was as good as it could be.