The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas,  Robin Buss Revenge is something best served cold, and when it has been twenty years in the making, its even better for the one who wants the revenge!
Edmond Dantes has such a promising future ahead of him and a wonderful girl waiting for him at home. On the day of his engagement he is torn away from her, and trasported to prison, where he is left to rot for fourteen years. He was punished for the crimes of others and for one who wished that no one know. He was sacrificed for the advacement of others and those who were jealous of what he had attained in his short life.

During his imprisonment, he is fortunate to meet the Abbe next to him, and through a tunnel, they are able to communicate. The Abbe passes on his knowledge to Edmond and after the death of the elderly man, Edmond takes his place and finally find the fortune that the man had been hiding. After reinventing himself, he begins the slow painstaking job of finding and extracting the revenge of which has for so long dreamt.

But at what cost does revenge come?

Loved this read! It was one of the better books I have read through in a while, and although long, it was worth every turn of the page and sleepless night I spent going through it! I recommend this read for all!