The Second Duchess

The Second Duchess - Elizabeth Loupas Leave it to a woman to never be satisfied with the story of the first wife, she must figure out by herself if the story that is floating around is the true story, or if there is something else at play. Barbara, Duchess of Ferrara is bound and determined to do just that. She sets off after her wedding to find out whether her husband, the Duke, really murdered his first wife or if he was unfairly accused. What she uncovers at first angers her husband, but then they decide to work together to uncover the truth, and together they find out much more than they originally thought was possible. Nuns, priests, nobility, and lay-people all come together in this fascinating story as the Duke and Duchess slowly and quietly start to unravel the truth behind the first Duchesses demise. A great read! I could not put the book down. I read it in two days time, and just found myself lost in the story!