Nefertiti - Michelle Moran I loved this read! It was quite interesting coming from the perspective of her sister. Nefertiti was one of the most beautiful queens of Egypt, but she was also ambitious, and she wanted more than to just be the wife of the pharaoh. She wanted to rule in her own right. Had she been married to any other pharaoh, she might have had a better chance at achieving more of what she wanted, but she was married to Akhenaton, the "builder king" as he was called. He wanted to bring a new era into Egypt. Instead, he angered the priests and many of the people. He wanted a richer Egypt, but instead he almost bankrupted the country, and refused to build the army, or protect his kingdom. As the Hittite invasion comes closer and closer, the army wants action, but the King refuses to muster troops.

As the story progresses, you learn the ups and downs of being close to the royal family, and have to deal with betrayal, backstabbing, and yearning for a life of ones own..