Rival to the Queen

Rival to the Queen - Carolly Erickson This book was a hard one for me to want to sit through the entire book. I read this one in two hours, and I was disappointed by most of it. Much of the story seemed to be skimmed over, and a huge lack in detail was present throughout much of the work.

Lettie Knollys, is the cousin of Queen Elizabeth, and she is sent to court to wait upon the queen. Throughout their entire relationship there is distrust and tantrums on the part of the queen. Lettie falls in love with Robert Dudley, the right hand man of the queen, but is married to another, and so after the death of her husband, she and Robert secretly marry, and keep it from the queen for several months. The queen throughout the work is portrayed as a spoiled brat, ruled by her temper, and not much common sense.

I was not impressed by any of the characters, most I felt were under developed and left a lot hanging that one has to assume the in between the lines way to often. There were large gaps, and as I was reading, I was wondering how much time it took her to write the book. I trudged through until the end, but I never got a feeling of satisfaction from this work. There is so much more that could have been added that would have created a better read.