To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn

To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn - Sandra Byrd Meg Wyatt is the best friend of Anne Boleyn, and one of her staunchest supporters. Growing up together in the country, the girls formed a bond that was never to be broken. As time and family circumstances take them apart for a while, they continue to meet and keep their friendship alive.

As Anne moves into the court circle and into the Kings gaze, Meg is there to support her friend and offer advice and support where she can. After her own husband died, and her brother tries to push her back into the marriage market, Meg digs in her heels, as the marriage is not one that she wants. She is still in love with her childhood sweetheart, Will, and cant picture marriage to anyone else, even though she knows that she can never marry Will.

After Anne marries King Henry, Meg stays as one of her ladies in waiting and all the intrigue that goes with the court. After Anne gives Henry a daughter and following two failed pregnancies, both of which would have been boys, Anne is accused of adultery and cast aside, thrown into the Tower of London to await her fate. Here too Meg resides, taking care of her best friend up until the end.

This story is told from the aspect of Meg, and tries to portray Anne Boleyn in a softer light than most books have. I dont know that she was as innocent as this book makes her out to be, but the change is a little refreshing and brings the ladies in waiting a little more to the front than most studies have done. It was an interesting and fast read, I finished it in one evening.