At the Mercy of the Queen: A Novel of Anne Boleyn

At the Mercy of the Queen: A Novel of Anne Boleyn - Anne Clinard Barnhill Loved this book!! Instead of telling the story through the eyes of the Queen, Anne Boleyn, it instead follows her cousin, the lady Margaret Shelton. Madge finds herself in all sorts of situations as she helps the queen to regain her standing in the court and the love of her husband. It has all the ups and downs of life at court, and a little intrigue thrown in, as a very little used theory of the marriage of Anne and Henry is ut to use here.Madge herself finds love and although the ending left off in a little bit of a disappointment, the entire book was one that was hard to put down. I read it in two days, as I was hard pressed to stop to do anything else. As a history instructor, I thought it was well thought out and historically accurate in the majority of her details, although as a historical fiction, there is plenty of the artistic license thrown in, but not enough to dilute the hard facts that are there. This is a must read!