White Heart

White Heart - Sherry Jones This was an interesting read. It puts Blanche of Castille into a new light, one of unforgiving steadfastness and interest only in holding the kingdom together for her young son after her husband dies. She was truly a force to be reckoned with. It was a quick read as well, it took me about four hours to read through the entire book.

Her life was truly interesting, she was determined to prove that she was not just a weak woman, but one who was capable of other and better things. She held fast and was able to rally the men of Paris to her sons defense as needed and when he was away, she held the kingdom as regent, something that was almost unheard of for women in those days. It was seen as something as woman couldnt do, in holding a kingdom together. Her love for her son was remarkable, and her hold on him was even stronger. He loved her to the end, and she could do no wrong in his eyes. Great read!