Virgin Widow: England's Forgotten Queen

Virgin Widow: England's Forgotten Queen - Anne O'Brien She was a wealthy heiress, in love with the friend from her childhood. The love story between Anne Neville and Richard Plantagenet always makes the reader feel as though they are living through the story themselves, and trying to envision the places and people that weave through this story.

When her father, the Earl of Warwick, declared war on the King of England, everything changed overnight. They were forced to leave their home in England and try to find refuge elsewhere. Anne Neville mourned the loss of her love and the bright future that she had envisioned. Now she could only dream about what could have been.

As their journey continues and the Neville family seeks refuge among the French court, hoping for enough support to go back and finish the war in England. The Earl of Warwick, is determined to get what he wants at all costs, including his daughter's happiness. Anne finds herself betrothed to the Lancastrian Prince, Edward, on who all hopes are pinned as he is the heir of the former King of England. Thrust into a marriage she detests, Anne does what she can to keep her courage and strength as they wait for news of the war in England. When the news finally arrives it is not good. The Earl of Warwick was killed in battle, and the Duke of Clarence deserted the Earl back to his brother's side, leaving the Lancastrian force weakened. Throughout it all, Anne can only think of Richard and what he must be going through and whether or not he still loves her. After the final defeat of the Lancastrians and the death of Edward, Anne contemplates the future. Now a widow, she goes to live with her sister and the Duke of Clarence. After a forced servitude where Clarence was determined to keep her from Richard in order to keep the entire Neville inheritance, she is rescued, and once again finds herself back with her true love.

Their story is a true Cinderella experience. It has everything from love and war, to death and rebuilding. The strength of these characters lend a different take to the man that most have dubbed the most evil man in England. Anne and Richard deserved their happiness, however brief their happiness was. I loved this read, and think others will too.