The Rose of York: Love & War

The Rose of York: Love & War - Sandra Worth This was an interesting look at the young life of Richard, brother to Edward king of England. This book gives a more indepth look at the young man who would grow up, in his brothers shadows, always there, yet sometimes unnoticed. He is placed in the Warwick household, where he befriends John, Lord Warwicks brother, and who teaches him how to properly become a knight. The struggles that Richard undertook, as he dealt with his feelings of inadequacy, illegitimacy, and where he fit in the world all begin to play out. His love for Anne, daughter of Warwick, is also first seen in this book, where they begin to spend more and more time together, and nurturing a friendship that would last them for the remainder of their lives, through love and marriage, they both had nothing but the upmost respect for each other.

As Edward assumes the throne, and the Woodville clan settles at court, Richard begins to see the cracks starting, although no one wants to heed his advice, he watches as greed tears apart the brothers that he loves and the hoops that his brother is jumping through to keep his wife, Elizabeth Woodville, happy. Rumors that she was a witch, or that her mother cast a spell over the king in order for him to marry her were swirling around the country, although he remained married to her until death.

I thought this book took a little bit of time to get into, but once it really took off, it didnt disappoint.