The Rose of York: Fall from Grace

The Rose of York: Fall from Grace - Sandra Worth In this last book, Richard and Anne, now King and Queen of England, suffer through their losses and the greed that is still tearing the country apart. Henry Tudor is making his claim for the throne, and his mother and step-father, Lord and Lady Stanley are heavily involved with his revolt, although Lord Stanley gives the air of being loyal to Richard.

As the world spirals out of Richards control, he learns of the loss of their son, Ned, and Anne's health is also declining to the point of there being nothing that the drs can to do help her. After her sons death, she quickly lost strength and will to live. Richard was hoping to shape his kingdom in the ideal of Camelot, and although the lower classes loved him, he had alienated some of the lords of the kingdom in his pursuit for everyone to have justice, and equality. In the end, during his battle with Henry Tudor, Lord Stanley defaults to his step-sons side and Richard is killed, bringing a new chapter into English history. The country mourned for Richard although Henry was able to keep his throne, he did so through bloodshed and even had his step-father killed for some trifle. Richard pardoned men that deserved death, but he gave them chances, as he wanted their loyalty out of respect, not fear.

great read! I loved this book!