Shadow on the Crown

Shadow on the Crown - Patricia Bracewell Emma of Normandy is just a child really when her brother sends her across the sea to marry a man she has never met. This formidable man is the King of England, and it is Emma's job to make sure that peace is kept between her brothers country and her husbands. As she arrives, she is met with distain, and uncertainty. No one trusts her, least of all her husband. As Emma settles into her role as queen of England, she understands her mothers warning that she must rely on herself, and keep her cunning about her. She is determined to bear a child for the King, and win the affection of his people. When her husband orders the killing of all the Danes in the Kingdom, he unleashes an enemy upon England that threatens to tear the country apart. Can Emma keep her family together and alive, or all they all doomed to the incoming Danes?

This is a great read and story. Emma of Normandy comes alive in the pages, and one can see her as a human being, instead of just a figure in history's pages. A must read for one who loves early English history.