The Dark Queen

The Dark Queen - Susan Carroll Good book, but sometimes the characters felt as though they were forced, as though she didn't really know how to develop them further. I enjoyed reading the book, but a lot of the back story that you need for something like this was missing, and with the characters feeling awkward some of the time, it was a hard book to adjust to.

Ariane Cheney is to match wits with one of the worlds most whispered about witches, Catherine de Medici. Ariane has no idea what is going on when a wounded man shows up out of the blue. She is trying to keep her family afloat after her father walked out and her mother died. She feels the brunt of responsibility as so many people are looking to her. Her suitor, Renard, does not make things easier for her, although without him, her family would have perished with hardly a ripple.

Will Ariane be able to match wits with a murderess or will she succumb to the Dark Queen?