The Forgotten Garden

The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton This books keeps you riveted from the first page to the last. It was so hard to put down and walk away!!

Nell has the bottom of her world knocked out when she discovers that her family isn't really hers. She embarks on a lifelong mission of finding out who she is and where she comes from. All she has for clues is a small suitcase and very vague memories of being on a ship, and someone telling her she had to hide and not move. But of course things do not always turn out as we hope, and so the mystery passes to Nell's granddaughter Cassandra. Cassandra at first is leery of the mystery that has been left to her, and yet, intrigued at the same time. She begins to follow the trail that her grandmother had made, and makes some shocking discoveries of her own. Who was the authoress and how does she figure into the story? Where does the English manor come into play, and what tragedies are waiting behind the brambles in the garden to be discovered?

I really enjoyed this book. I grabbed it for our book club read this month, and was not disappointed with the book at all. Kate Morton has weaved a tale that leaves readers begging for more.