Spartans at the Gates: A Novel

Spartans at the Gates: A Novel - Noble Smith **I Won this book as an Advanced Read Copy**

Set in ancient Greece, one city is determined to survive no matter the costs. Nikias is the son of the leader of the Platean city where they dwell. After a brutal surprise attack left the city reeling and the threat of another attack on its way, Nikias makes his decision, against his grandfather's wishes, to travel to Athens to search for warriors to come and defend his city from the Spartan attack.

As the old addage goes, if you go in search of trouble, trouble will find you. Almost from the beginning of the journey, Nikias is beset by troubles, those who are looking to kill him or those looking to use him to further their own cause. Although there are a few friends along the way, he he must be wary everywhere he looks and steps to avoid as much trouble as possible.

Eventually he is ready to make his way home, but will he get there in time to save his city from the Spartan Army?

I really enjoyed reading through this book. The story line was wonderful and it draws the reader in. You feel as though you become a part of the story itself, and you find yourself unable to put the book down. Noble Smith knows how to weave a story, and draw each character in to where they are all part of the tapestry. The one downside to the book for me was the blatant homosexuality that played through the entire story. Although in Greece it was not uncommon for some men to practice it to a point, it was played up in this book, and that is the only reason I could not give it five stars. Even without it, the book would have stood on its own. I really enjoyed the story line and the story of Nikias.