Eleanor of Castile

Eleanor of Castile - Sara Cockerill Eleanor of Castile is definitely a shadow in the annals of history, but her life has so much more to offer than what we see at first glance. Her queenship was a different sort than that of her Mother-in-law Eleanor of Provence. She worked hand in hand with her husband Edward, and made the most of their reign together as she could. Different from other queens, she spent as little time apart from her husband as possible, and Edward's grief at her death was not hidden or faked.

The book is a great read, although the first couple of chapters are very technical and geneological, and it is very easy to get bogged down and find it hard to move forward. Once the story starts moving, it picks up a little, with a few places that seem to get bogged down, but then pick up again. I was sad when it ended, but the pictures and supplements at the end are wonderful.

Great read!