The Reign of Mary Tudor (Large Print Edition)

The Reign of Mary Tudor (Large Print Edition) - J.A. Froude Throughout her reign, Mary was unequipped to deal with the tasks set before her, and basically a slave to love. She was in love with a man that did not love her in return, but instead saw the potential of a windfall for himself from England.

Had Mary better advisers, decided on tolerance instead of religious fervor, and united instead of divide, she would have had a better reign, and might have kept the people on her side.

As I was reading through this book, I was struck with how she trusted a person, someone she saw a father figure, and was almost determined to rectify all wrongs she felt had been done to her during her father's reign. I felt sorry for her, but then angry with her, as she was slow to act when she could have been decisive, and vengeful when she would have been forgiving. She alone incurred the wrath of her people, not without help, but the wrongs fall to her.

Great read overall, good concise history and factual relating.