Twice Queen of France: Anne of Brittany

Twice Queen of France: Anne of Brittany - Mildred Allen Butler Anne of Brittany was raised with the knowledge that she would rule the Duchy of Brittany. With the premature death of her father, she is thrust onto the political scene at the tender age of 14, and the intrigue is just beginning! Beset with those around her who would rather control her than allow her to be the headstrong young woman she was, she quickly learns that friends cannot always be trusted and those who can should be kept close.
With the turmoil around her, she chooses a marriage alliance which is quickly broken and another marriage set in motion. With the death of her husband, she marries his successor, being crowned for the second time as queen of France.

The tragic details of this young queen are laid out with the upmost respect, and the love that the people she ruled over is plain to see with her own tragic demise.
Great for readers of any age, but written for YA readers.