Taming the Wild...

The Black Stallion - Walter Farley, Keith Ward

Alec of off to visit his uncle in India for the summer. One his way home however, he is shipwrecked. He and a wild black stallion are the only survivors of the tragedy. As they learn to survive on a desert island in the middle of the ocean, Alec wonders how long they are going to be there. After a couple of weeks, they are rescued when his hut catches fire and the smoke and flames are seen by a passing boat. Alec refuses to leave the island without the stallion. Although the stallion is wild, they have formed a fragile friendship over the past couple of weeks, and a bond is beginning to form between the two.
Finally getting the horse on board the vessel, they are taken to a port, where Alec's parents have wired money for him to get back home to America on. Securing passage for himself and the stallion, Alec wonders what his parents response will be when they see the horse.
When they agree to let him keep the stallion, providing he pay for the upkeep through his allowance and finding a stable to keep him in, Alec already has the perfect place in mind. He asks the neighbors if he can stable the stallion there. They agree, and a new friendship begins to form between Henry and Alec. Henry was a jockey back in the day, and he and Alec decide together to start training the stallion to perhaps be able to enter races one day.
But when the chance for their dream becomes a possibility, they are beyond excited...

This book is such a fantastic read! I am looking forward to hearing my son read it out loud to me over the next couple of weeks, and hear his thoughts on the book. This is a story that the entire family will enjoy.