Mistress of Mourning: A Novel

Mistress of Mourning: A Novel - Karen Harper What a great read!! Varina Wescott has been sworn to secrecy by Queen Elizabeth of York, having been commissioned to sculpt effigies of her dead children and her missing brothers in the tower. As Varina deals with her overbearing suitor, and her growing affection for Nicholas Sutton, she is trying to figure out many things about herself and her future.

When she is asked by Queen Elizabeth to go with Nicholas Sutton to Wales to attend to the body of the Prince, after his untimely death, and to find out if foul play was involved. Death seems to follow Varina. With her business mainly being funerary candles, it is not unlikely, but it also bring it to the forefront for her. She must confront one of her demons to get her son back alive, and she must also attempt to figure out who is trying to kill the King and Queen and their family and why.

Will she be successful for not??

I loved this book! It was quite interesting, but it also had some historical inaccuracies that as time has now shown are wrong. Being written when it was, some of the facts were not known, but there were also a few issues of guessing. Overall this book was wonderful! It was pretty clean, and the book itself was wonderful. This is one that I would read again!