Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Seth Grahame-Smith Coming from a historians perspective, this was a very interesting book. Grahame-Smith takes Abraham Lincoln on a very different journey from the one we read about in history books, and puts a different perspective on his life, one that was not of his own making. He twists the fabrics of history to paint a different story and add a element that makes history more interesting to those that do not normally enjoy it.

While I enjoyed parts of the book, there were a few things that I found quite dark, as some of the descriptions were rather vivid, and not something that is easily erased from memory, but Grahame-Smith did his homework well, and was able to correctly weave the parts of Lincolns life that were true in with the fiction that he wove around it.

I would recommend this book to higher ages, as some of those that are younger might have a more difficult time with some of the scenarios painted throughout but an interesting read none the less.