Edward III: The Perfect King

Edward III: The Perfect King - Ian Mortimer A very comprehensive view of Edward III....

For a man that started off his life amid political scandal from his father, which continued up into his teens, one would predict that Edward III would not have had such a brilliant reign, but he proved everyone wrong. Edward III took his own fate into his hands, and ousted Roger Mortimer from power, yet managed to protect his mother. Over his long reign, he managed to put England on the map in international power and bring about more of a revolution that anyone could have imagined. Within the military and political triumphs, he managed to make an entire national love him, and at the end revile him. His relationship with Alice Perrers is still one for speculation, and the amount of influence she had over the king was seen as criminal. For one who wanted to remove the stain of his fathers reign, at the end, he fell into the same hole.

I loved reading this book and the amount of information that Ian Mortimer is able to bring to the table and logically lay out, is astounding. I learned so much from this book, and can't wait to find more information!